Those suffering with Alopecia experience hair loss from small patches to complete baldness and in some cases lack of hair on the entire body. Alopecia is an unpredictable condition and is difficult to treat. Many clients decide that wearing hair is the best option.

Wigs are ideal for those that have experienced significant hair loss, have sporadic balding patches or are looking for convenience and ease. Our free consultation will help us to determine what piece is best for you. Should you not be looking for a full wig but more of a hair piece to cover up more subtle areas we do over clip in pieces, these pieces attach to your existing hair and add volume and fullness.  You can choose from a variety of colours, lengths, parts, coverage etc.


Full wig is by far our most popular as it offers convenience and ease of use. It covers the entire head, does not need to be clipped or attached however can be for additional security should you require it. There are many available styles, cuts and lengths available making it very appealing to most.


If you’re looking for coverage along your hairline there are clip-in bangs and fringes that can add fullness.


If you’re looking for coverage along the top where you would typically part your hair there are a variety of clip-in hair pieces that are available. These pieces are small but offer great coverage.


If you’re looking to cover your entire top portion there are larger clip-in top coverage pieces. These pieces have a larger base and therefore cover more area.

In some cases it’s not only hair on the head that is lost as a result of Alopecia. At Wig Boutique Barrie we have a micro pigmentation artist on site every Tuesday, she is an expert in eyebrow tattooing which is popular with those that have lost their eyebrows.


No need for pencils or powder! Whether we’re enhancing your existing eyebrows or working with you to create a new shape your permanent eyebrows will accentuate your eyes and leave you breathless. Perfect for those ladies who are experiencing thinning of their eyebrows.


Beat the rays! All of our hats are UPF 50+! The fabric is tested and confirmed to block 97.5% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


We have a beautiful line of bathing caps from vintage, to retro rubber there is something for everyone.