Many of the treatments surrounding cancer lead to temporary hair loss and or scalp irritations. At Wig Boutique Barrie we believe in prevention and care and utilizing these two together. We evaluate each client, what their needs are and create a “We Care” plan specific to you. We have done our best to ensure that we offer all solutions on site in a boutique style environment so that you are comfortable when here and are confident when you leave.

During a client consultation we review the types of caps and wig construction with you as well as a treatment plan for post treatment when hair is in re-growth state. We believe that selecting a wig should be about more than just the sale of the wig but about caring for your hair, scalp and body. We offer a variety of products and services that are specific to Cancer treatments.


  • A full service Private Salon
  • A Beauty Expert on site Tuesday/Wednesday with his own line of mineral makeup to help with any final touches or beauty advice
  • One on one time with a hair loss specialist
  • Full Trichology services for when hair is in re-growth stage


When going through treatment your sebaceous gland activity is greatly reduced which causes your skin to dry out. This kit is designed to provide moisture to the scalp during the treatment process relieving some of the irritations associated with treatment. After your treatment has ended the active organic concentration of amino acids, proteins and vitamins are designed to bring back body and vitality to your hair, and to stimulate and strengthen the capillary stem during re-growth stage.

We recommend that two months after your treatment you receive two clinical treatments, one month apart at Wig Boutique. These treatments are performed by our certified Terapo-Medik Trichologist.


We carry the Bioplant body wash line and recommend two specific formulas to those going through treatment. We are very careful in regards to the products that we select and the ingredients that they have.

Hydrating Body Wash formulated for dry skin

The Hydrating Body Wash is designed to moisturize your skin as you shower. It provides a gentle, moisturizing cleanse without leaving any residue behind. Its combination of natural and active ingredients offer your skin optimal moisturization.

Key ingredients witch hazel extract and a patented blend of hydrolyzed cornstarch and beetroot extract, help the skin regain its natural moisture and elasticity.

PROTECTIVE BODY WASH (formulated for sensitive skin)

Designed specifically for sensitive skin our Protective Body Wash provides complete natural protection against skin irritants. It is a gentle cleanser that leaves no residue.

Its blend of several natural active ingredients – among them sweet almond oil and B5 provitamins – moisturizes and provides natural protection for the skin while stabilizing the ph levels.


A real shaving cream for a softer and faster shave. Its softening formula provides superior moisturizing during the shave and even extends the lifespan of your razor blades.

Chinese mint extracts have a cooling effect, while arnica and avocado oils and hydrolyzed wheat protein provide superior moisturizing.


Beat the rays! All of our hats are UPF 50+! The fabric is tested and confirmed to block 97.5% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


We have a beautiful line of bathing caps from vintage, to retro rubber there is something for everyone.


Hope Caps is a beautiful line created by Diane a cancer survivor herself who knew first- hand the changes that those going through chemotherapy faced. She developed a product that has been uniquely designed and crafted for those who are experiencing hair loss.