Wig & Hair Piece Services

Wigs, Hair Pieces and Extensions are different than our natural hair and therefore require specialized care in order to maintain their natural look. Wig Boutique Barrie has professionally trained staff that can care for your hair alternatives. Whether its synthetic or human we have both the tools and the knowledge to be able to help. Stop in today for a free quote or call to schedule an appointment.


The customization of wigs is an important part of the process and in many cases it can be what makes the wig look and feel more natural to you. Whether your looking for something as simple as bangs or reinventing the look we can help.



Do you have a special event that you would like to wear your wig too? Maybe you want an updo on a long one? Wearing a wig does not limit your options as we can help.



Do you have a wig at home that you are no longer wearing because its frizzy and dry? Maybe its thinning or frayed? Or its simply lost its luster and no longer feels nice? Wig Boutique Barrie offers a Re-Care service on all wigs and hair pieces for both human and synthetic. Stop in today to get a free estimate or sign up for our monthly drop off program for regular maintenance.



Do you have a wig at home that just doesn’t fit? Maybe you purchased it online? Got it from a friend and its just not working. Schedule a fitting with us and we can ensure that it fits you perfectly.


Hair And Scalp Care

Is Your Scalp Healthy?

Ailments of the hair and scalp are common and occur in people of all ages. The suffering can be extreme causing: itchy, redness, odour, hair thinning and even hair loss. It is important to identify issues quickly and determine a course of action. We’re home to a certified Terapo-Medik Trichologist who is equipped with sophisticated software and a detailed micro camera thus allowing us to provide a full analysis of your hair and scalp. This analysis allows us to identify the potential cause of your hair loss or scalp ailment and provide a course of treatment. All of our products are naturally based, they contain essential oils and plant extracts and are made in Canada. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our Certified Trichologist.


At Wig Boutique Barrie we believe in prevention and getting to the root of the concern.

The condition of your hair is a direct result of the condition of your scalp. You can’t have beautiful healthy hair without a healthy scalp. Hair products cater to the actual hair shaft, while the products we carry are based on the science of Trichology, they are specifically designed to care for the scalp. Even without the concerns of hair loss a healthy scalp is important.



Hair loss can affect you emotionally and can be devastating, affecting both men and women alike. Losing your hair can be a tragic experience that leaves you feeling defeated and self-conscious. While some forms of hair loss are permanent others are temporary. There are a variety of treatments and options out there that can help individualize each client’s journey and restore confidence to your life.

Schedule a time today to meet with our Hair Loss Specialist and determine the best course of action for yourself.


Barber Services

Call 705-734-3180 No Appointment Required

Barber Services

No Appointment Required

Wig Boutique Barrie is not just for the ladies we have an entire area of our boutique that is dedicated to the men in your life. Our barber has over 30 years experience in the industry and leads the way in both care, service and reputation. 


There is nothing like the experience of a hot shave with a professionally trained barber. You will love the feel and relaxation and you will be amazed at the closeness of the shave.

Men’s Haircut

Have your hair cut by a barber who specializes in hair cuts for men. Whether your looking for the famous flat top or just a trim we have the specialist to help you.