Wigs have come a long way in regards to their construction and the technology that is used to make them.  These are NOT the wigs that your grandmother wore!  While wigs have become a necessity for some, for many it’s all about the fashion and our clients are Loving them.

There are a variety of different types of wigs and hairpieces that are available in the market today. Whatever your reason is for wearing one, Wig Boutique Barrie believes in educating our consumers so that they are comfortable and aware of their decision, taking away the confusion.

Cap Construction

When purchasing a wig one of the most important factors is the construction of the cap. Below you will find a comparison chart to help you understand the differences.

100% Hand Tied

  • also known as hand knotted
  • each hair throughout the cap is hand tied into the base.
  • as each hair moves freely the style of these pieces are very natural.
  • each piece also being attached allows for styling versatility.
  • Cap is ideal for sensitive scalp and hair loss as it’s said to be the most comfortable and the softest.


  • also known as mono top.
  • each hair is individually hand tied to a sheer type base this is only in a select area typically the top.
  • as the hair in the mono section moves freely it allows for styling versatility.


  • each hair is hand tied to a section of sheer lace in the selected area typically the front.
  • a front lace allows for styling away from the face. This creates the appearance that the hair is coming out of the scalp for a more natural look.
  • Lace is delicate and needs to be handled with care.


  • also known as machine made.
  • most durable and cost effective.
  • there is wefting throughout most or all of the cap for better air flow.
  • often has natural lift at the crown giving natural lift at this area.
  • hair is typically teased at the root to mask the cap beneath.

Full Wig

Full wig is by far our most popular as it offers convenience and ease of use. It covers the entire head, does not need to be clipped or attached however can be for additional security should you require it. There are many available styles, cuts and lengths available making it very appealing to most.


Frontal Coverage

If you’re looking for coverage along your hairline there are clip-in bangs and fringes that can add fullness.


Top Partial Coverage

If you’re looking for coverage along the top where you would typically part your hair there are a variety of clip-in hair pieces that are available. These pieces are small but offer great coverage.


Top Full Coverage

If you’re looking to cover your entire top portion there are larger clip-in top coverage pieces. These pieces have a larger base and therefore cover more area.