Why Wigs?

You’ve thought about it? You’ve seen us out and about? Heard our radio ads or seen us on TV? Somehow you’ve found yourself here and now you’re curious about wigs? If you’ve found yourself here then you’re considering it or debating it. So take some time to cruise through our pages below and learn everything about styles, sizes and types of wigs. Tips on choosing the right wig for you and how care for it after your purchase.

Why Us?

We are Passionate at Wig Boutique Barrie, and we have invested much time and energy into making sure our clients experience a warm and inviting boutique style environment. Purchasing a wig is a personal decision and for some can be very stressful. It is important to take your time, get the proper fit and color to ensure that you are thrilled with the end results.

Making a wig purchase is a hands-on experience that cannot be adequately accomplished over the internet. Our clients travel from far and wide and are pleased and impressed with our knowledge, selection, styles and exceptional customer service.
Wig Boutique Barrie offers a complete We Care Program where we promise to take care of you and your needs throughout your journey, whether it’s for fashion or medical reasons we are here for you.

New to Wigs?

Hair Care

How To Wear Hair

Face Shape

Although our specialty is wigs we have added a variety of services to ensure we are meeting all of your needs, some of these services are as follows:

  • Microblading onsite that offers private one on one appointments
  • Wig alterations are done on-site to ensure the perfect fit
  • Only Terapo-Medik Trichologist in Barrie is on site  to answer any hair loss questions or concerns
  • We also offer chemo caps, hats, accessories, extensions as lots more.



Are wigs hot to wear?

This is the number one question. Technology has greatly improved in cap construction therefore allowing more air flow. Wigs are lightweight and comfortable.

How do they stay on?

A wig is secured by the construction of the cap. There are additional ways to secure your wig for those who require it. This can be discussed during your consultation.

Many people still think wigs are only for women who need them for medical reasons. Such as thinning hair or hair loss due to chemo treatments?

There was a time when wigs were only worn because of a medical need, but times have changed! Wigs are fashionable! Wigs are a great time saver! Check out our Fashion section to learn more.


Are wigs expensive?

Here at Wig Boutique Barrie we have an inexpensive line with prices from $33.33 to $133.33. Our most popular line starts at $199.99 to $555.55 with the average client spending $250.

Are wigs hot to wear?

Wigs are not too hot to wear. Technology has greatly improved today’s construction. Gone are the heavy wigs of the 60’s & 70’s.

Are wigs comfortable?

Yes they are! They are very lightweight. A wig should feel comfortable on your head. It will feel secure because of the elasticized caps It will not fall off!

Do wigs look fake?

If a wig looks fake, there is a possibility of 3 reasons. First one is that it is a fun wig with an outrageous color. Second reason is just simply that it is a bad wig either because of quality or age! Number three is that it is not on properly.  Trust us, there are many women wearing wigs that you do not notice. Like a man with a bad toupee. You don’t notice the men with good toupees! And you will not notice the ladies with great wigs!

Are they difficult to style?

Synthetic wigs are very easy. This is one of the reasons ladies love them. The fibers are pre-styled. Most styles just require a little brushing or placing with your fingers. They are all WASH & WEAR. It will go back to its style with little or no fussing at all!

What is better? Human or Synthetic?

Years ago, human hair wigs looked more natural than the synthetics. Technology advances has changed that. Synthetic wigs look very natural and gorgeous! They both have pros and cons. So, it is a personal choice. My personal preference is synthetics!

Why would I need a wig? I have my own hair!

You would be surprised at how many times you would put her on if you owned a wig. They can be very convenient and handy in a pinch. Think back to a bad hair day or a time when you had to run out for something and your hair was not done? Trust me, once you own a wig, you will wonder how you managed without it!

What if someone knows I am wearing a wig?

Gone are the days when you did not want ANYONE to know you were wearing a wig. Clients are treating wigs like they treat their other fashion accessories. If you purchased a new bag you’d be proud. Do the same with your wig.

I heard I should not cook when I have my wig on, is this true?

Well, it is partly true. With a synthetic wig on, you have to be very careful if you are close to extreme heat or a sudden burst of heat, such as opening up an oven door or having your stove burners on very high. Also near a fireplace or barbeque you should be cautious. Your wig will not go up in flames, but you could singe the ends from high heat. If you are cooking and your stove is not on high, you should be fine.

I have a sensitive scalp due to treatment?

Stop by the boutique or call and have a consultation over the phone with our Trichologist Typically a 100% hand-tied or double monofilament tend to be the most gentle for those experiencing a sensitive scalp. We also offer a kit specific to your needs as well as a variety of other personal care products.

What if my head sweats a lot?

We do have a solution to that as well with no sweat liners. These can be purchased at an additional cost.

How do I care for my wig?

It is rather simple you’ll be impressed we go over all of this during the consultation and provide complete instructions.

How many should I buy?

Every one should own one. If you’re wearing it your piece daily we recommend two so that you can rotate the piece.

What to do with thinning hair?

Check out our section specific on hair loss.

Can I swim with it on?

We do not recommend this as chemicals can add stress to the hair and damage it.

Do you need an appointment?

During our open hours we take walk-ins and do not book appointments. During our non open to the public hours we do take private appointments where you get the boutique one on one.